Aki’s Profile.



Hello there, my name is Aki.
I left Japan in January 2017 and already on my forth year living abroad.

Now, I live in Sydney Australia on a student visa.

  • In 2017, studied English in Baguio, Philippines
  • In the same year, started first working holiday in Sydney
  • In 2018, went back to Baguio to study IELTS, and got 6.5 in the official IELTS Academic test
  • In 2019, started second working holiday in Sydney
  • In 2020, studying IT (Diploma of Website Development) at TAFE Ultimo Campus

Back when I was in Japan, I used to aim to become a professional musician without any fulltime job.
However, I made up my mind to study English when I was 25 years old and left Japan in 2017.
Since I started living overseas, I’ve been speaking English in my workplace so my English skill has been improving a lot.

My career path has been shifting and now, my aim is to work internationally anytime and anywhere.

Social and Online Media.

Twitter (@akihito_kobe)
… Approximately 1,150 followers.
Aki’s Globe (This site)
… About my stay abroad.

I am posting about my stay abroad, how I study English and programming on Twitter and my personal website (Aki’s Globe).

When it comes to this website, I don’t use any existing theme and plugins.
It is part of my study and experiment to learn how to run and manage a website.
Thus, Aki’s Globe is built with my own theme using HTML, CSS, PHP and JavaScript.

Interviews about English.

In 2018, I was interviewed by an EFL school where I studied IELTS. In this interview, I talked about how I obtained IELTS band 6.0 in the official test with just 8 weeks of training.

After graduating from that school, I moved to another school and studied additional 12 weeks, then I got 6.5 in the official test.
One more interview appears in a website called “IELTS-A-ROOM” which organizes and summarizes efficient ways to study IELTS and posts some experiences of candidates.
 ※Read about my adventure and my interview by clicking the image below.


Website Building.

I have built 3 websites so far using WordPress and my own theme. Check them out by clicking the images below. One of the clients for the projects is an online English learning company, and the others are beauty salons in Japan, so the website themes have a fresh and clean look.
The responsive designs are perfect for any device and screen size.

I am currently accepting some offers regarding building websites, managing WordPress and LP codings. Feel free to reach me by clicking this contact form so we can start working on your next project.
 ※You can jump to the pages by clicking the images below.

Boost English Express – Online English Learning

Boost English Express

Beauty & Spa Chloe


RelaxationSalon KIKI


About music.

Since you are already here on my profile page, get to know me on a more personal level. Aside from working with computers, did you know that I am also passionate about music? I had been having a lot of gigs when I was in my early twenties. I still love playing guitar and sometimes perform.

The video below is a performance in Dubbo, Australia in 2018. The song is “You’ve Got A Friend In Me” from Toy Story.

The guitars that I mainly use are “Gibson J-200 Montana Gold” and “Taylor T5”. I left them in Japan, however I brought “Martin Ed Sheeran Signature Guitar” to my place in Sydney.

All pubs and places have been closed due to the significant pandemic, so I would like to play somewhere after everything works out.


That’s all for now, see you around!

Via this website and Twitter, I am sharing my thoughts and feelings, also some of the things that I face along the way.

I would be so glad if this reaches a lot of people. This may be helpful and useful for people, specially those who consider going abroad on a working holiday visa, or who want to learn programming.

Thank you for visiting my website. I hope you enjoy my posts and find something valuable from them. Have a good one.😌